Saturday, June 25, 2011

Party with Julia

Sorry for taking so long, the only thing in my defense are the pictures I posted--though it's not really an excuse for two weeks without an entry.

On a Sunday after my first week, I went to the Flea Market with Bernard and his family.  It's really much less than it sounds--it was just down the street, really.  I left my coat at home, thinking it was plenty warm (a mistake).  I got there early, and wandered around a bit by myself.  The Flea Market was a somewhat special occasion (as in it doesn't happen every Sunday) and I found it most notable for what I did recognize rather than what I didn't.  I saw quite a bit of 80s and 90s nostalgia, some VHS, a few Lego sets and other oddments--besides the German dishware, decorations, and clothes.  
I met up with Bernard, had a coffee, and got rained out--people started packing up as things turned cold and started drizzling.

On a nearby Monday, I went to Osnabruck to see Julia.  It certainly wasn't difficult to get in contact with Julia, or to find her, but I don't have any particularly strong memories of her from last year.  Which is interesting, because I found her to be such an agreeable person this year.  She the kind of person who will ask you about yourself, but will also swap stories with you about living in Scotland with a German accent.  I found myself able to laugh freely around her, which is something rare among people I don't know well.  

We, and two girls I didn't know, went grocery shopping together and had entirely too much fun buying dinner.  I got a Deconstructed Donor Kebab from across the street (a big tray of meat shavings swimming in red sauce, with a side salad and bread strips).  We ate at one of their apartments, where there were five girls and I was the only guy--but I felt remarkably welcomed.  It was mostly talk and a few smokes, before I had to try and leave on the last train out of Osnabruck.  

I'm sorry to say I caused some trouble for them--this was only the second time I'd gone to Quakenbruck by train.  The trains are labeled by destination, Oldenburg and Bremen (Bremen going off in the wrong direction) and I knew that one of them was wrong.  I also saw the train pull up, and it appeared to be going the wrong direction--but it turns out Osnabruck is an End Station (didn't know that) and the trains turn around here (before, I didn't see the train pull up and I was just pointed at it and told it was correct--so I was missing that crucial piece of information).  The arrival and departure times were different, so I thought this train would leave and my train would come after.  But I asked people nearby anyway, who didn't understand my question--I even called Julia and co. but by the time they understood my question the train had pulled away.  I had to impose on Julia to drive me home (thank goodness I could direct them through Quakenbruck, I'm not totally useless), and she was very nice about it.

Julia went back to Scotland, and I'm not sure she'll be in Osnabruck again while I'm here--but she's a good friend to have.

Eat your heart out.


  1. I clicked on the ad for chocolate and I think I'm going to need two tote bags for bringing treats home. I've already told Alice and Erin that is what they are getting for Christmas. A tote bag of chocolate to split between them - and the picture book I will make of them enjoying it. Of course I won't make them wait for December - they'll eat it in August and enjoy the memories for a lifetime!

  2. I've got the one with grappa, Cognac, Scotch Whisky, and Calvados

  3. which one goes with beer?

  4. probably the one with nuts in it

  5. Quote: We ate at one of their apartments, where there were five girls and I was the only guy--but I felt remarkably welcomed.

    Darlin' those girls were loving every minute of it! I'd bet they were hoping you'd miss that train, and that Julia didn't mind driving you home at all :-)

  6. I always love reading about your experiences. Keep em' coming...both the entries AND the experiences! I appreciate you taking the time to share.

  7. Sounds like you are having a good time. I am glad you are taking advantage of opportunities and venturing forth. I am enjoying your blog as is Aunt Jo. Loved looking at your photos. Wonderful buildings, beautiful country.