Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adventure Time

Saturday was a good day.  I woke up late, refreshed and peaceful.  I decided to walk around the city, going over some of the places Dr. Figura had showed me before, maybe plan my route to the Stadium that night, definitely walk by DIL.

So I set out with my backpack, camera, and jacket.  I put my jacket in the backpack five minutes later, it can get hot in Germany.  It was a beautiful day, by most standards (I kind of like the drizzly gray sky and spooky howling wind through the balcony of today), and I took advantage of it.  I intended to walk in a U around DIL to see the neighborhood, I ended up to the right (from my front door facing the street) of where I started walking towards DIL when I expected to come out to the left.  See, when I look on the mapquest guide to the city, I find there's a road the crosses diagonally past the road I started from--I made only two left turns but found myself to the right of where I started.  Don't worry, I figured it out and I never made the mistake again.

I saw some interesting houses, and then took a walk through the center of town.  I stopped in the K&K, a larger version of the Netto (a German Kwik-E-Mart, basically), grabbed a few things, and took some pictures of the river.  The frogs you see in the pictures are similar to the Lakeland Swans, each colored differently as variations on a theme, in reference to the frog origins of the town's name (explained previously) which you also see in the frog-feet tiles in the road occasionally.  It was a fun little excursion with not much more to tell.  I saw a gym, interestingly enough, but found out later DIL has a private gym (something like 10$ a month and I can't think this other place is cheaper or easier to get to).

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  1. sinister geometry.

    i remember one time in boston 3 right turns made a triangle.