Tuesday, May 3, 2011

German Trip Eve

As the first post on Eddie's free blog, I'd like to welcome you to a warm place of honesty, frankness, and discussion--but I'm an inanimate collection of words and letters.  The following posts will chronicle Eddie's journey to and journey(s) within the country of Deutschland and his semi-exciting job as an Intern at the German Institute of Food Technology (Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V. - DIL) and all the ensuing difficulties and/or exultations therein.

On this German Trip Eve, Eddie will pack and prepare himself with the traditional Last Meal.  Good evening to you, and safe travels.


  1. last meal?

    do they drink coffee?
    Intern! Schnell mit de kaffee!

  2. Menu:
    Lemon drop appertif
    Italian bread with Irish butter
    Polenta with grilled veggies
    Corn on the cob
    Bloody Marys
    Margarita cupcake

  3. The last two have me drooling, Tracie -- have a great trip, Eddie!